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Recently I started a new project. It’s a little tedious, but it seems like something to do while I get adjusted to the new programs and their functionality.

Still confusing at work; I drew this during a boring meeting in order to stay awake.

There are only four interns on my floor, and they are all in different divisions. Oftentimes, we go to lunch together.

As a cost saving attempt, I try to pack my lunch everyday; unfortunately, I am not the healthiest of people, so this often ends up just being something silly, like Easy Mac.

Prior to this experience, I was a very sheltered child who had never had to make food for herself before. I lived in the residence hall as a Residence Adviser and always obtained my food from restaurants and dining locations. To have to set time aside and actually try to make something is somewhat unusual and a novelty experience for me. At KeyBank, they have a dining facility, but the average meal costs approximately 7-10 dollars. Being stingy (but for good reason– I am saving up for one of these!) it may be convenient, but I do not want to choose such an option unless I have to do so.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Huy Genie – Good luck with your packinglunch project. Not only do you save money, sometimes you even save time because you don’t have to go someplace to get lunch.

    p.s. can you share what you use to create your pictures and how you create them in your blog post? they’re fun!

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