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First Day Splurge

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First Day

A Different Location

On my first day of work, I actually had to drive to the Titusville, NJ, location instead of my usual Horsham, PA, location, which is about 45 min. away.  Why did I have to do this?  The previous co-ops were performing their final presentations there, and my supervisor wanted me to watch them.  That was a curve ball! :P  An enjoyable one though.

This location change was actually a unique coincidence: the final co-op presentations don’t usually fall on the new co-ops’ first day, but I think it’s a match JNJ should keep ;)

 Meeting People

I met a few of the finance staff members, which included my manager, supervisor (yes, surprisingly there is a difference, ha), financial analysts/fellow co-workers, and the co-op I’ll be replacing, Stephanie. Steph has 3 weeks left of her co-op, during which she will be my trainer.

Community Service?

JNJ is HUGE on community service, and as a result, is very loyal to its Credo, which can be found here:

***HINT!*** If you’re in an interview with JNJ, read the Credo beforehand and mention how it pertains to you during the interview!  If not for JNJ, do this with any company!
JNJ was the first company to coin the idea of CSR, or corporate social responsibility.  I remember learning about that in HR.

My manager is in charge of a community service club, so for two hours of my first day, I got to hear about a community service opportunity I’m doing with many co-workers next Thursday.  We’ll be providing resources, food, and products to the homeless.

Watched Presentations 

I got to watch the previous co-op class do their final presentations.  It was a very informative preview of what to expect during the next 6 months.  It’s so surreal to imagine that I will be up there presenting come late December!

Free Lunch!

Got a free pizza lunch, woop woooop!!!! (“There is no free lunch!” – Economists)

JNJ General Structure

Next, my trainer Stephanie used a training binder, which she made herself, to go over the general structure of JNJ.  I get to keep this very detailed guide over the next 6 months, and during my last month, I’ll have to make a new one for the co-op who’ll replace me.

I am a finance co-op supporting marketing activities under immunology; I’ll be working closely with the brands Remicade, Simponi, and Stelara.  Each brand has its own indications, but I won’t bore you with the details :P

Overall, GREAT first day!


If you’re about to intern at a company, what do you envision your first day to be like?

If you already have had a first day in an internship, how did it go?

I’m curious to hear of others’ experiences and thoughts!! :)

With that,

Adieu mes chers!



P. S. – This is a sign my trainer drew for me!  It made me feel so welcomed and just goes to show that the people at JNJ PERSONALLY care about you!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Great interview advice – knowing the company’s mission statement and then connecting with it in your interview is critical for success.