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My Fisher Internship
Meetings, Meetings and more Meetings

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My building where I work

I’ve met a great deal of people thus far and it’s only the start of week two. Stuffed inside the Regent Court building are thousands of employees from all different backgrounds, working in all different fields. I think the most nerve-wracking experience thus far has been attending meetings. I always thought commenting in Schoenbaum 105 was tough and then I entered my first corporate meeting.

Advice: Don’t be shy to speak up in class. You’ll be more confident in the future. In the corporate world, you’ll be in a meeting and giving a five-minute impromptu presentation to three high-level zone managers before you know it. Schoenbaum 105 will seem like a breeze comparatively.

I’ve also met a lot of other OSU business interns from both the undergrad program and the MBA program working for Ford. Who knew there would be so many Buckeyes in Michigan? Maybe the MBA students will give me some GMAT prep pointers!

If you’re reading this or any other blog and you have a question about interning in a large, global corporation, feel free to comment! I’d be happy to share with you my experiences.

The Buckeye in Michigan side note: In meetings, items have come up such as Rich Rodriguez, the Rose Bowl, November 24, 2012 and Urban Meyer. As you can see, we digress.

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