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The Eve of Corporate Work

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About Me
UGH, I totally tried to do a vlog but some things did not work out.  Attempt 2 will, though, just you wait! Just. You. Wait.

Hi! My name is Anna Wang and I am an undergrad at OSU double majoring in theatre and finance.  Both are huge passions of mine!  My focus in theatre is acting, and although I do enjoy stage acting, I like film acting more.  I just finished my theatre degree this past spring quarter (WOOP!), so now all I have left is just a bit more finance courses (corporate finance, specifically.)  Finance is definitely my main focus right now: my plan is to make a career out of it, while continuing acting on the side.

Corporate Work?
That’s right, I’ll be doing a 6-month finance co-op with Johnson and Johnson starting tomorrow, actually!  Based on the plethora of exclamation marks you’ll encounter here, I am certainly excited about this great opportunity.

Where Am I?
Horsham, Pennsylvania, about a half hour north of Philadelphia.  For those unfamiliar with where the blast Philly is, it’s on the east side of the huge rectangle that is the PA.  I am an 8-hour car drive away from good ol’ C-bus, Ohio!

Current Events
I’m already nestled in my new abode, a beautiful apartment roughly 15 min. away from the Horsham JNJ.

As someone who was born, raised, and has lived in Ohio her whole life, living in another state feels so different!  I’ve only been in PA for one night but was out all of yesterday taking care of the typical beginning activities, such as grocery shopping and scouting the town.

The interesting thing about Pennsylvania is that it’s filled with hundreds of small old towns that are all connected to each other.  You may pass through three different towns during one shopping trip, but it will feel like you’ve only been in one town the whole time.  As a suburban-raised girl (lawlz), I guess I am just used to everything being in one place.  The closest Wal-Mart to my new apartment is two towns over/15 min. away!  I will certainly have to get used to this different layout.

Today is Sunday and as a result, I will still venture around these little towns and try to get used to the windy, narrow roads.  Tomorrow is Monday, the 18th, and that marks my first official work day of the co-op!  I’ll be sure to write another entry tomorrow night to splurge all about it.

Future Events
I already got my first taste of the business world from a nice part-time internal auditing internship with Ashland Inc. during this past winter quarter.  Of course there’ll be some similarities, but each new company will surely have its differences.  That said, I am very excited and anxious to begin the co-op with Johnson and Johnson!

I’m hoping to learn a lot about what exactly entails the corporate finance world in a real business setting.  What I’ll learn now will be especially useful for future career decision-making.  I also hope to find out what works for me, what doesn’t work, and what I’ll need to improve on.  The journey will be a struggle, but it will not be worthwhile otherwise.  All of the knowledge I’m about to learn in the present will only add value to the future, and THAT is what I’m mostly looking forward to gaining from this 6-month co-op adventure.

I promise to post more awesome pictures in the entries to come!  ”Pix or it didn’t happen”, right?


Hehe, still reading? :P

Okay, this entry has gone on LONG enough!  Time to skedaddle

Happy Father’s Day, by the way!  Have a wonderful time with your loved ones.




P. S. – Here’s a picture of my cat that my younger brother edited and e-mailed to me.  Yep, I brought her with me on that 8-hour car drive!  She HATES car rides, but after the can of tuna I gave her upon arriving, she seems to have forgiven me.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Anna – Good luck interning with J&J this summer! If you see Eric Leonard, tell him I said hello.

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