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Team Fortress 2

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One thing that I find myself consistently doing every evening after work is playing a video game called Team Fortress 2.  It is an online team based first person shooter game, and I like it for the silliness, the graphics, and the overall gameplay.  Oftentimes, the players are whimsical and the weapons are silly.  Generally, I do not play many video games at all, but for some reason I’ve been able to play over two hundred hours of this game.

Here is a screen capture of the game, just to give you the idea of the graphics.  There are nine players that a person can choose to play as, and each player has his own specialty.  Unfortunately, there are no girl fighters in this game.

Me playing as a scout.

Me playing as a soldier, being briefly good.


I feel this is just how I unwind from a day of working at KeyBank.  Key is slightly stressful, and I am glad that I can just come home and do something mindless for a little while.  Anyways, I have to get ready for work.



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