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My Fisher Internship
Summer Getting Paid To Discover

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Hello all, my name is Ted Shumaker.  I’m a third year (going into fourth) at the Ohio State University, I’m from Monclova, Ohio, and I’m going to be spending my summer interning with Discover Financial Services at their headquarters in Riverwoods, IL.  My major is risk management and insurance and my internship is part of the operations internship program at Discover.  You may be saying “Operations? Why not an internship in insurance or something more related to your major?” Well, Discover actually convinced me to deny a couple insurance internships for a few reasons.  First, the sheer perks of the internship were pretty cool.

  • The pay is higher than any of the other offers
  • I am staying all summer in an expenses paid hotel
  • I am given free breakfast every day and free dinner three nights a week
  • I am a short ride from both Chicago and Milwaukee

However, the number one reason reason for me taking this position is the possibility of working with Discover long term.  Discover is the kind of company that puts customer service first.  I’ve never wanted to be part of a cut-throat business full of back stabbing, I’ve always wished to be part of a company that feels closer to a family.  I fully believe that I have found that with Discover and I hope that I will be given the opportunity to stay with them post-graduation.

**One final note, because Discover is part of the banking and credit industry, I will not be able to release certain information.  There are many restrictions with Discover in terms of information protection (as there should be) and I’m going to do all I can to follow all their rules.  Therefore, I will not be able to talk about what I’m specifically doing or take too many pictures, but I will do all I can to make this blog interesting

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