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My Fisher Internship
So, I get off the A train…Now what?

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The Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center, Home of the Met, the "Big Sister" organization to the Met Guild

I gave the commute a trial run this weekend, and on Monday when I got off the subway at 59th and Columbus Circle, I suddenly felt like the internship was real, more tangible than it had been before.   (The NYC Subway app might be the best $0.99 ever spent, by the way, maybe with the exception of the occasional trip to Buckeye Donuts.)

Of course, I was an hour and a half early, which is certainly better than the alternative of being late on my first day, but now I just had the time to let the nerves fly.  I hung out in Central Park for a few minutes and then checked in with security and migrated next door to the Juilliard School Cafe.  Plenty of time to review my introductory presentation I knew I was giving that morning.

Once it was time to start, I met everyone who had interviewed me as well as some of the rest of the staff and the two other interns.  Wonderful people, great energy in the office.  Following my presentation, I was shown around the office by the Director of Development and Communications at the Met Opera Guild, with whom I will be working closely this summer.  We met to discuss some long-term and short-term summer goals, and after a tasty Trader Joe’s lunch in the park with the other interns, I started that afternoon with some online software training and goal-setting.  Exciting and relevant projects!  I can’t wait to get started!

Ready for more here at the Guild…

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