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Less Painful Shoes (Second Day)

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It’s a wonder what a less painful set of shoes can do to impact your impression of the day.  Today I wore a pair of TOMS shoes on the trek to the workplace from the parking garage.  Then, right before entering, I switceroo’d and wore my professional shoes for the rest of the day.

Do you know what’s an interesting phenomenon, like a Theory vs. Reality clash?  Skirts.  Today I wore a skirt.  When I look at other interns around the workplace, skirts are definitely an inch or two above the knee.  Don’t get me wrong– I think one or two inches is a very good length.  It’s just that all my skirts are about two inches below the knee, making me feel like an old granny.

I am still shadowing my manager and his employees.  Hopefully, by the end of this week, I will know what is expected of me, and I can vocalize what I want to see in my project for the next seven weeks.

There was no huge event on this day.  I mostly sat about and read presentations, watched modules, and then was tested on those facts.  KeyBank is huge on confidentiality and information protection, so I can’t go too much into details about what I do or see; however, I hope to provide the clearest vague descriptions of my activities.

There is the huge pop culture stigma against corporate culture.  I do not know if I necessarily agree with it, but I look forward to discovering if there are any grains of truth to such an attitude.

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