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Summer, Chicago, & Accenture…oh my!

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Erin Frederick. I am going into my senior year specializing in operations and logistics. Originally from West Chester, Ohio (suburb of Cincinnati), I attended Ursuline Academy for high school. At Ohio State I am involved in the Undergraduate Business Council, Fisher Citizenship Program and the Financial Services Industry Cluster. Last summer I interned with Accenture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Chicago Skyline- I am living next to the red rust building and work in the Aon Center which is the tall rectangular white building.

This summer I will once again be interning with Accenture. However this time in Chicago, Illinois.  In the consulting industry you typically work at a client. Going to their office everyday and deliver a product or service that they can use. My client will be Aon plc which provides risk management, insurance and brokerage serices. Although I am an ops and logistics major, I do have quite an interest in financial services. Accenture is a global consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. They are currently the largest consulting firm in the world and their clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100. Accenture’s main focus is on business consulting, process design work and the application of technologies to business.

I will also be participating in the Accenture Student Empowerment Program (ASEP). Through this program, I will be matched with an executive who will educate me on the industry and serves as a mentor. This program continues beyond the summer through next school year. I appreciate having this contact and a way to keep in touch with the company.  Last summer my mentor was on OSU grad based out of the Columbus office and worked at the client JP Morgan Chase.

My goals for the summer include:
1. Learn as much as I can and work on my soft skills
2. Figure out if the consulting lifestyle and career is right for me
3. Network!!!- If you do things right you only have to interview once as the people and friends you meet get you the next job
4. Get to know the city of Chicago- My roommates and I plan on taking day trips to the farmers markets, museums, and beaches every Saturday
5. Hit all the staple Chicago foods- deep dish pizza, Garrett’s popcorn, and the famous Chicago hot dogs

The is my second year blogging about my internship. There are many reasons why I decided to blog. First off I believe that everyone has a very different internship and hearing about their triumps and struggles is an easy way to learn. Personally, I would love to shed some light on what it is like to work and live in the city while sharing my consulting experiences.  I plan on sharing the good, bad an the ugly of living and working in the city.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences through this blog. If you have any questions or places for me to visit please feel free to contact me by leaving your questions in the comments and I will respond. I wish you best of luck with your own summer adventures and future endeavors!

Until next time,


3 Responses to Summer, Chicago, & Accenture…oh my!

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Erin – Good luck in Chicago this summer and thanks for blogging again! Your goals for the summer are great. I think a lot of people who are considering consulting want to know if the consulting lifestyle is right for them – looking forward to your insights on that topic. And I’m looking foward to reading your reviews of deep-dish pizza. Have fun and work hard.

  2. Margie says:

    Hey Erin – thanks for blogging again!! Enjoy Chicago – it’s the best big city ever!! I’m sure you’ll discover Millenium park – it’s really fun in the summer to just go and relax there!

  3. Erin Frederick says:

    Thank Margie! Good news, I live across the street from Millenium Park and walk through it every day. It is definitely beats the Oval!