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My Fisher Internship
My First Day

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Hi Everyone!

My first day at KeyBank left me utterly exhausted.  Initially, our orientation had four people, giving me the mistaken impression that the internship pool at Key was small.  To my surprise, when we took our picture, it looked as if the pool was 50+ strong!  This was very exciting, and I got to know a few people out of the many that were there.

Got some swag, including this lovely notebook:

See how it sparkles?

I showed up for the orientation at 7:30, after grossly underestimating parking and transportation time.  I parked three blocks away, and believe me, in heels, that is a Long, Long, distance.

Key provided breakfast for us, and we went through a Powerpoint.  It looks as if I’ll have an 8 week internship due to time constraints, but everyone seemed genuinely very nice and welcoming at Key.

Other events throughout the day: got a laptop, my own cubicle, and met my supervisor.  Also, toured the building a little.

By the time I walked back, my heels were killing me; however, all in all, it was a fairly enjoyable first day.

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