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My Fisher Internship
Building Chemistry with Dow

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source:! My name is Nidhi Jackson and I will be a senior this Fall. I have been at Ohio State for three wonderful and exciting years and will be graduating with a BSBA in Accounting this coming December. I have lived most of my life hopscotching around Southeast Asia and have been in central Ohio for the past nine years. I love traveling, fine arts and being outdoors (and underwater); unfortunately the water where I am going to be this summer is too cold for that! Today I start my first day interning with Dow Chemical company at their head quarters located in that place up north….Midland, Michigan. I know I know, but don’t worry, I brought plenty of buckeye pride with me!

This summer I will be spending my time working with Dow’s Accounts Payable department. I am lucky to be part of a conference for the first three weeks in which representatives from around the globe congregate to assist with the transition to a new system. I look forward to meeting people from many backgrounds and experiences and hope to impress my coworkers and superiors with my Ohio education. Most of all, I’m excited to be working with Dow because I think it is a great company with an abundance of opportunities which I am looking forward to sharing with you all!

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