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My Fisher Internship
Moving Out!

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Hello everyone!

On Monday at 7:30 AM, I will need to report to Key Bank HQ to begin my internship!

Thus, I’m happy to report that I am moving out!

Sayonara to those days filled with playing Team Fortress 2, browsing Reddit, and goofing off with abandon; I am now heading off to Cleveland from Toledo into a world in which I contribute to society!  It’s almost as if I can feel my net worth growing right now…

I can totally do this.  In Cleveland, I will be living in one room of a house with approximately six other tenants.  Hopefully, we will get along and they will give me some tips on the meaning of life and stuff.  If not, I just hope that my place, which is by Case Western Reserve University is safe and convenient enough to provide for my living needs for two months.



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