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My Fisher Internship
Learning to Hem

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Oh my goodness.  My new suit sleeves were slightly too long, so I decided that I could fix it in the two days prior to my internship.  Halfway through the process, I had to vent to a friend in a state of anxiety, disbelief, and frustration.  It has taken me about seven hours, and I have FINALLY finished.

The Youtube video that guided me.

There barely seems to be a difference for all those hours of work, but at least I moved up the learning curve.  It’s kind of cool to know that this is how sewing and tailoring starts out.

Oh Mai Goodness-- SO MUCH EFFORT

See the prettiness, hard work, and sweat?

In the meanwhile, how about that new Obama immigration policy?

I am currently listening to This American Life and it’s sad how much discrimination exists in our country, despite whether immigration is an issue or not.  I will write more about his later.



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