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Hi, Let’s Be Friends?

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Hello friends (old and hopefully new!)

I am incredibly excited to share my upcoming experiences with you this summer! I’m Li, a fourth-year logistics and marketing major enrolled in the Fisher College of Business. I’m from Brooklyn, Ohio, a small suburb engulfed by Cleveland and Parma. Although cliche, I’m basically your average small town girl who has always sought big city dreams. Lucky for me, I am getting my chance this July!

How's my headshot look?

It is crazy to think that just three years ago, my summer consisted of living vicariously through myfisherinternshipblog students as they embarked on their first internship experiences. I guess some things never change because I am STILL reading these blogs, but this time as a writer. I’ve learned so much about different experiences, some do’s and don’t through their bloggings, and I hope some of you do the same when you read mine.

My life has been constantly go, go go ever since day 1 at THE Ohio State University, summers included. But now, for the first time in too long, I have a month of free time to relax/catch up on books/enjoy the sun/etc before I start my 6-month co-op this July with Unilever. I will be working at headquarters in Englewood, New Jersey as a Procurement Contact Flexibles Co-Op Intern. Sounds fancy, right? You may ask, what will you be doing? Well, I’ll have an answer for that question when I have a better idea—in July ;-)

I’m incredibly stoked because I just signed a lease in Edgewater, New Jersey. It’s a perfect location because I’ll have access to the city/the Big Apple/the city that never sleeps–New York City in under 30 minutes. I’ll also have an amazing Manhattan Skyline view from my apartment and my commute to work is a little under 10 minutes. How many times in my life will I ever get to have that? Probably once, so it’s definitely a YOLO* move for me (*You only live once. In case some people didn’t get it). I’m beyond excited for the upcoming months.

I hope you are able to pick up a few pointers while reading my blogs, whether they come from tips I may receive from co-workers at Unilever, or mistakes that I may have committed, which you should all learn from (and don’t do! :-P) Who knows what’ll happen? Six months is quite a time period, and interesting happenings always manage to find me. So… let’s be friends :-)

Until next time!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Wow, the place where you are living does sound like a YOLO kind of place! (and thanks for explaining YOLO). Good luck with Unilever and keep us updated on your work and adventures in NYC. If you think of it, post a quick picture of your YOLO view – I’d love to see it.

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