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The Challenges of Working Abroad

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As June ticks away I am still sitting here in Columbus anxiously waiting to get to my summer internship. I am set to work in the finance department at Votorantim, a Brazilian industrial conglomerate based out of São Paulo, just as soon as I get through all the red tape. If nothing else, my experience so far has been a great lesson in working in a foreign country.

So far the process of getting a work visa has involved collecting a list of documents proving my prior work experience and education, waiting, preparing more documents, and of course more waiting. It has been frustrating at times, but I know that this experience will be incredibly valuable to my education.

More information to come as I (hopefully) get on my way to Brazil and learn more about what my actual project will be.

2 Responses to The Challenges of Working Abroad

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Bill – Hang in there, I’m sure all of the frustration will be worth it once you get settled in Brazil. Good luck and send us some pictures.

  2. Giuliano Marodin says:

    I am a PhD exchange student at Fisher and I am from Porto Alegre/Brazil. I am curretly in Columbus and I will be here until september. If you want, we can meet and I could tell you more about my country.

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