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Vague Clothes and Who Knows?

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As the week is slowly coming to an end (can you believe it’s already Friday?!), I contemplate many things.  Among the many things, one rises above all others– the question of “Huh?”

For example, this is my first internship where I have to be business professional all days of the week.  The past four days have been filled with near-obsessive shopping at JC Penney for business formal attire.  Walking around the store while muttering incoherent sentences (…must…find…biznus…things…yessss…my precious BIZNUS THINGS!) really doesn’t get soothed by the fact that the Easton and Polaris JC Penney only sell black “blazers,” not business suits.  Huh?  Is that professional?  (As it turns out, yes.)  I’m picky, so super shoulder pads suits from the Woman’s section is out of the question.  In the end, I have four slightly padded “blazers,” two skirts, two pants, and six nice blouses:

Ta Da! Business suits!

Colorful Young Urban Professional

This weekend I’ll need to find a small purse, pantyhose, and other outfit additions.

Going slightly off topic, there’s this nice men’s suit shop that’s hip, young, and professional called Pursuit near Columbus’ Gateway District.  There needs to be one of these for women.  Now.  A fashionable entrepreneur will make so much money off of me if they did this.  Huh.  How awesome would it be to be a small business owner?

So I’m now at this point:











My favorite moments are when someone looks inquiringly at me so that I feel like I’m the most important person in the world, and then asks, “So what will you be doing at Key Bank?”

My reply is always to blink for a few moments, let my beaming smile fade, and then weakly reply, “Huh?  Corporate finance stuff?  Excel?  IDK, I get a new laptop on Monday from Key Bank, though!  So by the process of deduction…important stuff, right?!”

So yes.  Does anyone know how often I dry clean or wash my blouses, skirts, or pants?  Still slightly confused on this cleanliness thing (will probably ask my Dad); however, at least I’ll smell fresh my first week!


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