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My Fisher Internship
The Life of Genie (About Me)

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Hello everyone!

My name is Genie, and I am working in the world of corporate finance at KeyBank headquarters in downtown Cleveland, starting on June 18-August 12.  I currently attend the Max M. Fisher College of Business, and am a rising Senior at The Ohio State University.  In less than ten months (crossing my fingers,) I will be walking through the Ohio Stadium with a degree in Fiance, Management Information Systems, and a minor in Studio Art!

I don’t have much to reveal right now, but I hope as you follow along my blog, you will learn more. Here are some whimsically random facts to get you started:

You're not missing much, don't worry.

Since I don’t have cool internship things to recount yet, I will just recount the closest and most interesting things related to my internship– my years at OSU.

My First Year


My Second Year

  • Still lived in Taylor Tower
  • Became an Office Assistant
  • Still in FisherCARES
  • Joined Fisher Ink, Fisher’s Undergraduate Magazine
  • Accepted into the competitive Honors Contract Program at Fisher
  • Through Contract, worked with Campfire USA
  • Went to China for three months
  • Smiled a lot

My Third Year

  • Stilllll living in Taylor Tower….
  • But I became a Resident Adviser of the Third Floor!
  • Appointed Chief Editor of Fisher Ink
  • Through Contract, worked with Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Mother died of cancer
  • Obtains KeyBank Internship
  • Becomes a Blogger for the Fisher College of Business!
  • Sat down a lot





My Fourth Year… To Be Continued!

If you stuck it through this blog post, then thanks for sticking with me.  One of my goals for this blog is to not only focus on my internship, but also convey my posts in an entertaining manner with pictures.


3 Responses to The Life of Genie (About Me)

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Genie – I love the graphics you included in your blog post!Could that be the Studio Art minor showing through? Good luck in Cleveland!

  2. Genie says:

    Thanks Mark!

  3. Mark Wilson says:

    BTW – I set up tweet to go out later today about your blog post on FisherCareerMgt

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