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My Fisher Internship
Nervous, Excited and Hectic

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This fall, I will be a Junior. I’m majoring in accounting. I’m also the Vice President of Budgeting for the Crew team (in the boat, I’m the coxswain). During my free time this summer, I plan on rowing with GCRA (Greater Columbus Rowing Association). I’m going to be living just off campus on High Street just south of Oakland Ave.

I’m hoping to gain insight into what accounting is really like in the real world. How do companies operate and where exactly do accountants fit. I’m also looking forward to learn how to better myself as a business professional. Exel (the logistics company I’m interning with) is holding a few meetings throughout the summer for interns called “lunch and learns” where they put on workshops on how to setup yourself up for a successful business career.

I’m excited for the summer and the opportunity to continue my education with hands on experience, but I’m also nervous because it’s a new¬†environment. And with moving back home for the weekend, unpacking unnecessary stuff and repacking the things I need and trying to plan for the rest of the summer things have been hectic. Hopefully things calm down once I settle into my summer place in Columbus!

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