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For those who don’t know me (because there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’re either my friends who I’ve guilted into reading this or my parents) here are some facts about me:

  • Name: Alexia Yun
  • Year: will start my 3rd year in the fall
  • Major: Management Information Systems and Finance
  • Chocolate or Vanilla: Twist-duh
  • Favorite foods: sushi and apple pie (though not at the same time.. but I wonder…)

This summer I will be at Owens Corning (I will explain who they are in the next blog) in Toledo, OH as a Global Information Systems intern. I would elaborate on what that means, except I don’t really know what it means either. Hopefully though in the next few weeks I will be able to (if not, then I will have a serious problem on my hands)! I am so excited as to what’s ahead because T\through this internship experience, I will grow so much professionally and personally.

On the professional level, this internship is my first real-world experience in the Info Systems sector and I want to see how well I do, how I can apply what I learn in the classroom to the world beyond it, and most importantly to me, see if this is what I want to do for…well, for the rest of my professional life.

On the personal level, this is essentially my first time living on my own. This is what it looks like... I’ve never really had to feed myself for  an extended period of time. Freshman year: campus meal swipes (oh how I miss you). Sophomore year: sorority house-cook (please, Ms. Fisher, please come stay with me). At the risk of sounding like a pathetic baby, I just never really had the opportunity where my survival was based on the need to learn how to cook because gratefully, I have people in my life that know how and are willing to feed me.

So feel free (really, there is no obligation here, just my pride at stake) to follow my adventures as an OC intern in Toledo (fun fact: it’s ranked 3rd as the largest US city for child sex trafficking. So if you haven’t heard from me in a while PLEASE SEND HELP) and learning how to live on my own (there is the possibility that I might die from starvation/malnutrition so if you haven’t heard from me in a while PLEASE SEND HELP).

Thanks for reading!

3 Responses to My Life in a Nutshell err…Blog

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Alexia – Good luck in Toledo at Owens Corning. So if you like choc-vanil twist and apple pie, do you get apple pie alamode with choc-vanilla twist? If you get hungry for good Mexican food in Toledo check out Ventura’s in Sylvania.

  2. Genie says:

    Hey! I’m generally lurking around the other blogs, but I just wanted to say that it’s awesome to meet another MIS/Finance person, and I’m from Toledo. The sheer number of coincidences and the mentioning of one of my favorite “fun” facts about this city made me come here to congratulate you on your internship. Have a good time at Owens Corning!

  3. Rosalie says:

    Alexia, I am your number one blog fan. Good Luck this summer at Owens Corning I know you’ll be great!!!!

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