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It All Started With a Mouse

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My HR Professor shared with us a quote that (I am horribly paraphrasing) like this, “I blinked and I found out twenty years have flown by.”

It’s been a hectic, but amazing four months working at the Walt Disney World Resort. While I still have three more months to go, I have some final thoughts that I would love to share before I move on to my personal blog:

The first thing that anyone has to understand is that perspective is key in this internship. I was working with a few other College Programmers and we were talking about whether or not one of our co-workers should pursue the Entertainment line of business and she responded, “So I can hand my resume to a employer and have them ask, ‘you went and threw your life away for a year?’” So much of this job is trying to find the positives out of everything and anything you do. If you do not like what you do, you will not be able to show employers that you have the drive and ability to push through those small mundane tasks.

While this job has been really fun, I think it all comes back into perspective when I realize why I am here. There are so many other (fiscally) better opportunities that I could have pursued, but rather, I chose to do what I love and I have been awarded with something more than just money. I get to spend my time working with people who exemplify happy-go-lucky to the most extreme, I get to work at one of the largest revenue making stores in Disney (and soon, get to work at the largest special events at Disney, the Food and Wine Festival!) and I get to be myself and enjoy what I do the most; making people happy.

Regardless of what your line of business is, it is all the same thing when it comes down to a very basic principle; we are all here to make someone else happy, regardless of the task performed. Be it a client, a guest, a family member, friend or significant other.

For myself, I am still training for that half-marathon (which is coming up next week, I can’t wait!), working the Food and Wine Festival and singing in the Cast Choir during the Epcot Christmas show. All of it is really exciting for me, as I get to experience working in the parks during what is considered the best time of the year to go to Disney! It’s been a real joy writing about my journey here in Disney. I wish I would have spent more time writing and documenting my experiences, but I am certain that I have given you all a taste of what to expect working on the Walt Disney World Resort College Program!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or just comment and I’ll make an effort to get back to you all! (Or you can visit my personal blog)

Have a magical time at school, and we’ll see you all at the beginning of next year!

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