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Finance Intern Event: Harvard Case Study

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One of the events planned for finance interns at Scotts is a case study project and presentation. We had to block off most our schedule for this day because we only had those 9 hours in a workday to complete the case! There were four of us all together: two accounting majors, one finance major (me) and one double major; 3 of us from OSU and one from Bowling Green. Our only set of instructions was to “Create a Cash Flow Statement and a Marketing Plan” … “Good Luck!”… Oh, and we needed to compile what we had gathered in PowerPoint because all the finance managers, Directors and VPs have been invited!

No pressure.

We all looked at each other with a big sigh—this was going to be just like Accounting 211! ;) BUT this had to get done, and it had to get done sooner, with lots of team work and patience, for SCOTTS. We set of a plan to execute and thankfully, we all kind worked well together. We listened to each other first, but then learned to trust each other to take responsibility of a section of the project. It was a long process—we even worked through our lunch (by choice!) In order to make the cash flow statement, we had to forecast a balance sheet and an income statement! It was a new process we haven’t had a lot of practice in, but we felt confident. There was a lot of ambiguity in the case, but instead of wasting precious time going in circles with our results, we made our assumptions and presented our conclusions straightforwardly.

After we presented we received some great feedback; compliments and constructive suggestions. It was awesome to have the support from high level associates who attended our event! I felt that this case gave us a glimpse of working together in groups in a corporate atmosphere. We may not always have only a day to complete a task…but then again, like what I mentioned in my first blog, we might!!!

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