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Could you have a sleep disorder?

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I have now finished most of the work I have been doing for the sleep lab at the hospital. I gave a presentation to the Director of Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Medicine at HVCH and presented to him my ideas for advertising, website updating, etc. It was nerve racking to prepare for, but well worth it! He was really pleased with all the work I did. The next steps are to get the advertising approved by the board at the hospital and the new website will be launched sometime in the fall. While I’ve finished all the updates for the sleep lab’s incorporation to the website, I still have a lot to do, because I will also be doing most of the updates for the rest of the departments at the small hospital. I’m sure this will be pretty time consuming because the current hospital website is outdated and doesn’t have much information on the services the hospital offers. I’ll also be launching a facebook account and Twitter page (and probably teaching others who work at the hospital how to use the social media sites).   :)

One of the things I came across when researching sleep labs and sleep disorders is the “Epworth Sleepiness Scale”. It’s a “quiz” to give yourself on how likely you are to fall asleep in various situations. I’ve decided to include it in this post so readers can test themselves or others! The following is a list of questions some doctor’s ask patients to help determine if the patient has a sleeping disorder. If  a person believes they may have a sleeping disorder and score higher than an 11, it’s recommended to consult with your doctor. Now, I know most college students love their sleep, so unless there are variety of other common indicators (for example,  if the circumference of your neck size is larger then 26 inches), then you probably don’t have a sleep disorder. I did the test on my mom for fun and she scored a whopping 17!

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