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My Fisher Internship
Excitement in Ireland

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Here is a small list of things I’ve done around the office as well as Ireland the past few weeks:

1.  Helped train some of the newer workers how to do some basic tasks regard the technologies used at Equinoxe

  • Technologies from the accounting module we use called Invest One,  our Transfer Agency platform used for setting in High Water Marks known as Mantra, all the way to simple things like the copier.  Unfortunately I did not have the liberty of having them make copies for me as if they were my interns!

County Kerry

2.  Traveled to County Kerry

  • Located in the southwest corner of Ireland, Country Kerry is home to the Ring of Kerry, which is probably the most scenic park of Ireland full of mountains, bays, parks, and small Irish settlements.
  • Kerry is also where my relatives who came to America were from.
  • Like many of our Irish ancestors, they came to escape the Great Famine due to Potato Blight from 1845-1852

Cliffs of Moher

  • Apparently they are 702 feet tall at their highest point.  Some places don’t even have a guard rail near the edge either!!
  • Overlooks the Atlantic Ocean/Irish Sea.  If the weather permits and you squint hard enough, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.
  • Home to the only mainland colony of puffins.
  • Definitely the largest cliffs I have ever seen.  Also, I was just kidding about being able to see the Statue of Liberty.

4.  Become comfortable talking to the hedge fund managers.

  • Originally, it was intimidating to talk to these “rich & powerful” people. Knowing that they are worth millions, sometimes billions of dollars more than me was discouraging.  Eventually, I came to the realization that they are just normal people like you and I, they just have extra spending money!

5.  Climbed the mountains of Dublin.

  • I know, when did Ireland have mountains?  Well, the mountains all around Ireland, as they say, are not quiet mountains, but they certainly aren’t hills.  You can be the judge.

    O-H-I-O overlooking the mountains of Dublin

6.  Officially not a tourist
  • Though I still have no ability to speak the native Irish language or even pronounce words like an Irishman, I was an honorary “Paddy” which is what Irishmen call themselves and is short for Patrick (my name).
  • I found that after a few weeks, people from all countries, even some from Ireland came up to me to ask for directions around Dublin and I was able to give them detailed directions

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