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My Fisher Internship
My Future at Abercrombie & Fitch

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Well, my first internship experience is now officially over.  I had an amazing 8 weeks with the other interns and employees on the Hollister Betty’s Graphics Team. 

On the Thursday of my last week of work there was a company-wide celebration to announce all of the new promotions.  The Home Office associates gathered in a main area between some of our buildings and listened as our CEO announced how our newly opened Hollister store in Hong Kong had performed on its opening day (when we met at 9:30am the Hollister store still had customers waiting in line to get in at 9:30pm) Top financial executives also discussed the state of our financial business!  Then the promotions began.  My supervisor, MJ, was promoted from assistant to associate merchant! There were a number of promotions for all of the teams in the Betty’s Graphics department and everyone was really excited!

Celebrating MJ's promotion and my full-time offer

Later that day, I had a meeting with Alan and Josh from the Human Resources Department. I interviewed with Alan in the fall and Josh in February and they both were fundamental in my process of becoming and intern, so it was exciting to have my final review with them. During my review, I was able to talk about how much I had learned while interning at A&F.  They told me I had done an amazing job and they were very excited about my future at Abercrombie & Fitch.  That is when Josh pulled out a folder and told me that they WANTED TO EXTEND AN OFFER TO ME FOR A FULL-TIME POSITION WITH THE COMPANY STARTING IN FEBRUARY!  As you can probably tell due to my capitalization, I was beyond thrilled.  I have loved working here and can definitely see myself at Abercrombie long term.

So what does my future look like? Well,  I will be graduating after this quarter with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  I have accepted the full-time offer from Abercrombie & Fitch and will be starting here in February as part of the Leadership Development Program in Merchandising.  And finally, I will be getting married next May.  It is crazy to see how much of an adult I am becoming and how my life will be completely changing in this next year.  But I am excited to enjoy all the great moments that are ahead while tackling the future challenges.

So I will end my blog postings with a couple shout-outs.  To my fellow interns, I had a wonderful time learning about merchandising with you as well as exploring Columbus and NYC.  To the HR team, thank you for your constant support and belief in me! To everyone I worked with while on the Betty’s Graphics Team, thank you for your continued patience and willingness to answer any of my questions.  To MJ, Beth, Naina, Erek, Allison, Mara and Miki, thank you for being the best team EVER. I will always be appreciative of  your help and encouragement.  You have definitely showed me what hard work looks like while still having fun! Your dedication and passion for the job and company definitely helped make my decision to join the company full-time easier. I aspire to be like each of you! THANK YOU! :)

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