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Indians Game!

This weekend I got to go back out exploring downtown Cleveland.

Stop 1: Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. is located right across the street from the West Side Market. It is a family owned brewery that produces more than 100,000 barrels of beer a year! There was an extremely long wait since both the Indians and the Browns were playing. Once seated, our waitress explained all the different brews.  I didn’t get a chance to taste any, but I was told that they were delicious! After the meal, we took the “Fatty Wagon” to Progressive Field.  The Fatty Wagon is a shuttle that takes customers from the brewery to Progressive Field or the Browns stadium.  It runs off of vegetable oil used from the restaurant.  The wagon’s slogan is “Saving the world one French fry at a time.”

Stop 2: Progressive Field

In my first blog post, I said that I wanted to make it to an Indians game; well I finally made it. I watched the Indians take on the Minnesota Twins between home plate and 1st base.  Lucky for me, it was free giveaway night. We both walked away with Mike Hargrove bobble heads. We walked in at the bottom of the third when Asdrubal had a three-run blast! Great timing if I do say so myself. I was ecstatic that my first Indians game was a win, 3-1.

My evening in downtown Cleveland was a blast! My only suggestion is to make sure you get downtown early enough to:

  1. Get a good parking spot in the cheapest garage possible
  2. Have enough time to walk to dinner
  3. Have time to wait for a table
  4. Know that it is going to take you awhile to get home from the game

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