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I lived through my first California earthquake!

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Well, the time has come-I’m all packed up, my last day of my internship is tomorrow, and I just checked the weather for the first time this summer (Ohio is much more unpredictable than California).  AND Mother Nature was kind and didn’t want me to leave without experiencing an earthquake, so on my 2nd to last day- we had a 4.2 magnitude earthquake (I didn’t feel a thing). 

I want to give you some advice and key take-aways from the summer- (Sorry if I get too sappy…I’ve just really had a great experience and a wonderful summer).   

Kelly, Jen & I at a Skinny Cow Event for Nestle

Kelly, Jen & I at a Skinny Cow Event for Nestle

Don’t buy in bulk when you’re only living somewhere for 12 weeks.  Day one of living in California, I went to Target and thinking I was being economically smart, I bought everything you could imagine…in bulk.  My mom died laughing at my enormous dishwashing soup I had bought (I of course didn’t even understand why it was even funny until she told me I wouldn’t even use a quarter of it) but she definitely knew what she was talking about- I’m flying back to Ohio in a couple of days and still have enough dishwashing soap for a year!  Although three months seems like it’s going to be a long time, it flies by and there is no need to be extreme at the grocery store :)

 “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”  This quote literally got me through every day.  This summer has been so crazy and I’ve been through a great deal of changes, but it’s so important to always look positively at life and tell yourself over and over that everything happens for a reason.  Take the things in life that you can control and give them everything you have.  Make the best out of every single situation you are put in and always stay true to yourself.  In a while, you’ll probably be surprised when you look back and know you’re happier now than you ever were before. :) 

 Believe in yourself and live life to the fullest.  Try things you never thought you would try [Sushi- (now I love

Jen & I heading into a Dodger's game thanks to Nestle :)

Jen & I heading into a Dodger's game thanks to Nestle :)

it!)], do things you never thought you would do [Go to Vegas on a whim] and experience everything while you can.  I feel so fortunate to have had this amazing internship which has taught me so much about the business world and life in general.  Even though some of my projects seemed overwhelming at times, I can look back and feel satisfied because I completed every one of them to the best of my ability.  I also can feel proud that I presented all of them at our Logistics Floor Meeting for 45 minutes in front of a lot of people.  I was able to go on so many adventures exploring California this summer and I know I benefitted from everything I did.   Love the people that love you and do your best to succeed in all of the opportunities you are given. 


I can’t say enough how thankful I am that I accepted this internship with Nestle this summer- my time here has been the experience of a lifetime.


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