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My Fisher Internship
Learning not just for School…

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             My high school motto was “Learn not just for school, but for life”. This summer has put that saying to the test! With my internship drawing to a close, I can’t believe everything I have learned. From life advice to college specialization recommendations and even a suggestion to transfer to Penn State (which will not be happening) everyone has learned something from their college days. Here at Accenture everyone has sat through some boring classes and have had great professors they adore. I am no exception. At Fisher there are classes I loved (Business Management 331) and some that I dreaded (Accounting). Never the less, these classes have helped me so much throughout my internship experience.

The classes that most helped me excel in the work world are:

  • Computer Science and Engineering 200: Upperclassmen warned me to pay attention as it would pay off when it came to using excel. They were right! 97% of my day is spend in excel sorting, filtering, using formulas and creating the dreaded pivot tables. My biggest advice is to keep your notes and practice what you have learned, it will pay off.
  • Accounting 211 & 212: Although watching the videos could be tedious, that series of classes was so helpful when it came to terminology. My first day NPV and ROI were thrown around along with indirect and direct materials. I was shocked that I actually knew what it meant and how to calculate it, the other intern did not so that made me look even better. Within the first five minutes I realized that my school work was just not because my teachers made me do it, it was because they were preparing me.

               No matter what the future holds, I know my classes will prepare me for it. Now that I am half way done with college (fingers crossed), I can only imagine how much more I will learn and how it will help me in the future. However no matter how good your hard skills are; soft skills such as patience and confidence are still very important. Hard skills you can teach while soft skills must be developed over time. It just goes to show that employers are looking for well rounded people but understanding your course work is the first step!

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