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My Fisher Internship
Bringin’ It On Home

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I had the chance to set up a meeting between the Office of Career Management at Fisher and the Human Resources Managers here at OCLC this week and we were able to talk about the different things that OCLC and Fisher could work together on to create a relationship that would be mutually beneficial.

I’m calling this post, “Bringin’ It On Home” for several reasons.  First off, OCLC actually started at OSU in the Thompson Library, and it was there that Fred Kilgour, our founder, started laying out the foundation of what would eventually be OCLC today.  Secondly, walking into Gerlach Hall again FELT like coming home!  I hadn’t set foot in the building since walking out of my final exam Spring quarter, and I was instantly flooded with memories, excitement and anticipation for the next quarter and my final year of grad school.  Third, my internship is coming to an end this week.

But back to my main point.  I had originally set up the meeting as a way for us to discuss recruiting opportunities and venues that OCLC could utilize to hire interns for the next summer as well as possibly full-time, post-graduate positions for the organization.  And while we were able to talk about that, it also evolved into a conversation about the great things that OCLC and OSU can do together that reaches beyond mere recruiting and some really great ideas came out of those conversations.

As the rest of you finish your internships, it might be a good idea to see how you can help Fisher and the organization you worked for this summer to continue fostering a relationship that goes beyond recruiting.  See how you can help improve your employer brand within the walls of Fisher and OSU and help create new opportunities for yourself and for those that will come after you.  It’s a fantastic way for you to give back to the college that helped you secure this opportunity and to give back to the organization you worked for that has helped to develop you as a professional.

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