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See ya later, not goodbye!

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So my days at Cardinal Health are finally coming to a close :-(. I will be wrapping up my time here on Friday, September 9th. I can’t even believe how fast these 12 weeks have flown. It feels like yesterday I was just stepping into the office, using my ID badge wrong, and feeling beyond confused by this corporate world. Most college kids would be thrilled to leave work and return to the school life…but I am actually pretty sad! Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things…football games, tailgates, and seeing good friends/teachers will be great, but this has seriously been an amazing summer and I have learned a TON.

To prepare for my last day, Cardinal provides a “checklist” of various tasks I have to complete upon leaving. It is surprisingly pretty lengthy, but basically consists of formal resignation letters, surveys, etc. As I may have mentioned earlier, a final project is one of our final tasks, which I am to present to my team and executives on September 7th. The presentation is designed to capture what we learned throughout the summer and any take-aways we gained along the way. Here are some of the main take-aways I managed to come up with and plan to include in my presentation:

•Importance of Communication
•Importance of accuracy
      –No margin for error in financial reporting
•Importance of work to investors/company
•Real-world experience
      –Live version of a case study, sort of
      –Unexpected events
•Exposure to senior leaders
 …just a little food for thought for any future accounting interns.
After my time at Cardinal comes to an end, I plan to apply to the Master of Accounting program here at OSU, and hopefully/possibly return to Cardinal Health one day. With that in mind, I am not saying goodbye to this company, but see ya later!
On a side note, I encourage anyone interested to check out the Cardinal Health College Relations facebook page for upcoming recruiting details:!/cardinalhealthcollege.

Some of the interns at our ropes course team'll be sad to leave everyone!


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