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Is there such a thing as typical?

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To follow a timeline because I know all the bloggers this summer have been blogging like crazy so posts are a little delayed – I have 1 week left of my internship. With 3 weeks to go I felt I was at crunch time, now with 5 days to go I have a presentation to give, meetings to wrap up, projects to hand on, and good byes to be said.

“Typical” Day

I am not sure there is such a thing as a typical day when working in a Fortune 50 company in supply chain, but as an intern I was able to experience more typical days than full time hires. So let’s piece together a typical day and also show what is not so typical that I have got to experience at Dow.

  1. Work hours are normally 8-5 with a 1 hour lunch at noon. On days I’m feeling ambitous I’ll come in at 7 and be able to leave at 4 (save those days for when it is nice outside). 
  2. Catching up on emails usually doesn’t take long. Unless I have recently sent out a mass email to try and figure out what path I should take on a project.
  3. Project work: every day the majority of my time is spent emailing people, researching, one on one meetings, phone calls, and conferences. All of these meetings help me get a better grasp on a direction to take for my projects.
    1. Additionally, I try and make personal connections with people I talk to on a more regular basis. Makes conversation easier and work that much more pleasant.
  4. An activity that can make a typical day not so typical…volunteering. I ahve had the opportunity twice this summer to volunteer with the intern program with Habitat for Humanity and the United Way. It’s always good to see a company encouraging their employees to give back, better yet taking their employees out so they too can give back.

Every company is going to have a different work environment. With Dow, for the summer I was given the projects and able to run with them, reaching out to the necessary people when needed. This way of working has taught me a lot about having a good work ethic and sticking to the task at hand. It has also brought some consistency to my days as well as threw me for curve balls. Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing about how I spent my summer.

Nancy is right!

I have told you before but I am part of the Honors Cohort program at Ohio State within the Fisher College of Business. Shout out to all the Senior Cohorts, can’t wait for our reunion once we’re all back! The director for this program is Nancy Lahmers, she is a special woman and is dedicated to her students. So why is she right? Nancy and the other professors who teach in the program pile projects, exams and papers on us during the last 2 weeks of the quarter. We all complained of course, were stressed out of our minds, and for some of us pulled our first all nighters (Dow case competition Lexi and Falcon??). At the beginning of last week I was stressed, and that may be an understatement. But it hit me – Nancy said they give us all that work to prepare us for work life because it’s how life feels when deadlines near – and she was absolutely right (as she said she would). I will definitely remember to thank her for preparing me.

Winding Down and Presentation

As my time as a Dow intern comes to a close, I can’t help but think about all the awesome learnings I will get to take back to Ohio State. On Wednesday of my final week I will be making a final presentation to supply chain leaders and fellow interns. As my fellow cohorts know, I love powerpoint so I am excited for this presentation and to share what I have done this summer.

I will be returning to Columbus this weekend, have a week off and then will be training for my peer advising position that I have for the upcoming year.


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  1. Lexi Merritt says:

    Yay Falcon and I got a shout-out! But I agree, Nancy certainly prepared us for the work environment- Especially with presentations :).

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