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After all this talk about Physical Inventories, you may be able to tell that I have enjoyed these trips.  It is nice getting out of the office and walk around the warehouses and manufacturing plants to see our products in action.  It can as a surprise to me to hear about this third physical inventory, however… came off something like this: “Hey, would you be interested in coming with me to the physical inventory scheduled next week in South Caroline? Another coworker can’t go anymore.” WOW! South Carolina 2x’s in one summer?! I was excited.  Plus I came to find out that this inventory was expected to go smoothly.

Well we booked my flight, booked my hotel room, I was packed and ready to go, but the day of my flight out only to get a call from my coworker saying he was ILL and the inventory was to be CANCELLED.   I was looking forward to traveling with business! However, first we needed to talk to Internal Audit and get this physical inventory approved or rescheduled.  But what actually happened was that Internal Audit wanted ME to go….by MYSELF.  I was surprised that they and my boss were perfectly fine with sending me by myself.  I was booked and planning on going already–why try and reschedule?  I had been in Europe studying abroad and traveling on my own last Fall.  I could travel.  Nothing to it! I had been worked on 2 previous inventories this summer—I could handle this! I completed the inventory on my own, but obviously with the support of my coworkers back in the office at Scott’s.  I actually even had some spare time to visit Historic Charleston and Isle of Palms beach in my rental KIA Forte.  What an empowering experience; especially as an intern!

Historic Charleston homes near Battery Park

Lesson learned?

1) You have to be flexible
2) Take Good Notes—you never know when you may have a “test”

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