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Family-Like Environment

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One thing that has stood out to me from working with Scott’s so far is the close-knit atmosphere.

I already mentioned that coworkers share their stories about their families with one another (at appropriate times of course), but Scotts as a company whole makes you feel a part of their own family.  Throughout the summer we interns have been encouraged to attend various events just for us. Sometimes they are “lunch and learns” where a speaker from a specific department would come around lunchtime and teach us a bit about Scott’s history progress and ideas we have about the future within that area while we ate a healthy lunch served from our cafeteria! So far we have met the a Scotts Lawn Service representative, some Sales representatives, the CFO, Randy Coleman, the President of Scott’s, Barry Sander, and even the CEO, Jim Hagedorn.  Scotts Miracle-Gro started off as a little family-owned store selling the fertilizer plant food Miracle-Gro.  I think it’s neat that a small family business has grown to become the global company it is today.

Another way Scotts make you feel like family is in the way show that they care about your health.  Scotts has their own Associate’s fitness center for employees and family members that hold competitions and prizes for those that use these facilities the most.  There is a staffed ergonomics specialist that is there to help you set up a proper work environment to keep you comfortable at your desk all day.  Scott’s also encourages you to completely remove yourself from your cubicle during lunch for an entire hour so that you can give yourself a breather and get back to work and continue being productive!

it's grown so much!

2 Responses to Family-Like Environment

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Thanks for the update images of the garden – it grew quite a bit!

  2. Wendy says:

    We also try to connect to our consumers on that personal, real level. It’s more than just a good working environment that makes a great company. We really care that people use our products in their home, lawn, and garden and we go the extra mile to provide them with support by phone, email, smartphone apps, and in social media.

    By the way, your garden looks great! I hope your interest in gardening will stay with you long after the internship is over.