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My Fisher Internship
Excel at Excel.

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Excel at Excel.  That is my greatest suggestion for all Fisher students.  Because it was required for my Finance major, I took the CSE 200 course that everyone seems to dread–including myself!  I never thought I would say this, but I wish there was a sequential CSE course for business students or at least I wish we had been encouraged to take this course during our Junior year vs. Freshman.  I cannot stress enough how much Excel is used in the corporate world I am now experiencing.  Excel comes as second nature to the people I work with—they are practically Mozart on the keyboard with all the different shortcuts they use! My managers in particular did not expect an intern to be an Excel wiz, but that doesn’t keep me from working with the program and asking questions to better my knowledge.

Get started—there’s a lot of sources out there to help!

On a fun note: my main manager just returned from maternity leave, a coworker who’s cubicle is near ours has two little girls, and my other main coworker is due with her first in a month! They always have funny stories about their kids, and sometimes they bring the young ones in–It brightens up the day and topic of conversation for a bit!

I'm growing a tomato at my desk!

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