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Window Washing and Weed Wacking

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Notice- there is someone on the other side of the window!

Time is really starting to fly here in St. Joes.   Throughout the summer there have been many   ways to get involved.  One of the groups that I have taken the most interest in is the Young Professionals Network (YP!)  here at Whirlpool.  Over this past week there was an  event – YP! Reach 100.  The goal was to have 100 members of the Whirlpool family out serving the community in one day.  This was the first year of the event, and while the full 100 goal was not met, it was still a lot of fun.  I was able to meet some other young people within the company as well as give back to the community.  My group was stationed over at the Red Cross, where we cleaned a lot of windows and helped out with some yard work.  The red cross also has a part of the World Trade Center, so it was pretty interesting to check that out.  Our day (few hours actually) was followed by hors d’œuvres and drinks at a local brewery- giving us an even better chance to meet some members of the Whirlpool community.

A fellow Buckeye working hard.

This is defiantly an event that I hope the run in the future.  Hopefully they can reach 100 participants next year as well!

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