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CSE easy as 123

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If you are an aspiring business major or are currently in Fisher, you know that one of the most dreaded pre-requisite classes is CS&E 200 (Computer Science & Engineering).  For those of you who do not know, this class teaches the ins-and-outs of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. When I took the class, I took it during my least favorite season, winter, and it was at 8:30 in the morning.  Throwing on my winter coat and boots to go to this class seemed close to impossible, but I always went. When the teacher said “this is one of the most important classes of your business studies,” I thought to myself “yeah right.” Yeah she was right.  I have used excel everyday at my internship, so if you were debating not paying attention in class, take out your pencils and notebook and listen up! Here are my top three things to remember from CS&E:

  1. Pivot Tables: This interesting sorting tool allows you to create tables easily.  With all of your data, you can then decide which information you would like Excel to make your row and column headers and it will even do a count of whatever you like.  I have used pivot tables at my internship to find out how many stores sell a designated footage of cards.
  2. Vertical Lookups (=vlookup): Vlookups seem somewhat useful, but when you have over two thousand rows of data it becomes your favorite tool to use. Vlookups keep you from scrolling through all your data and trying to remember information.  This formula allows you to find information from a unique identifier, such as an ID number, and have it return an output.
  3. If (=if): A basic if statement is useful.  You can have this formula, by using an inequality, see if your data is true or false. For example, you can see if your data is greater than 0. If it is true then you can have it say “yes”, or if it’s false you can have it say “no”. When you become an Excel sensei, you may even do make an if statement with 4 nested ifs (been there done that).

Excel is an extremely useful tool. Some people at your workplace may not have as good of an understanding of Excel as you do, so it’s fun being able to teach them something.  I think Excel formulas are really great tools for problem solving and saving time. If you have any Excel questions, I wouldn’t mind answering any of them for you!

2 Responses to CSE easy as 123

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Taylor – whenever I talk to interns about their experiences they almost always tell me how helpful CS&E 200 was with their internship. They rave about how well it prepared them for using excel at work. They usually feel better prepared than interns from other universities. And thanks for the excel tips!

  2. Erin Frederick says:

    I could not agree more! I was actually going to write a blog on the importance of that class and excel. It has come in soooo handy this summer.

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