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A Rolling Stone…

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gathers no moss.  And moss, metaphorically, is the bane of a driven, action-oriented intern.

I had mentioned in my other post “How to succeed in business…” that things had slowed down for me a little bit here at OCLC.  I had wrapped up a few projects and there were some projects that were getting underway but didn’t quite require action yet.  So I made work for myself and implored my manager to ask the other managers outside the scope of my defined internship for some more work.  Ask and ye shall receive!

This is the end of Week 7/10 of my internship here and things are kicking into high gear!  I’ve been assigned some new projects with the Organizational Development and Learning team as well as for Benefits.  The Benefits project is very interesting because it has applications that extend past just the HR function and will impact other departments as well.  And for someone that likes to get things done and feel like  a contributor, that is huge for me.  The summit I am staging for the local Employee Resource Groups is happening on 8/17 and there are a few more things that I will be able to finish in the short amount of time I have left.

One of the projects I was working on started simply enough.  I was working on methods to increase traffic and usage of our internal, corporate library; a bevy of resources and a wealth of knowledge that was not being tapped.  I proposed that we create a museum to showcase the incredible artifacts from our archives that document the evolution of OCLC and the resultant evolution of the library sciences industry.  8/26, which is coincidentally my last day, is also the 40th anniversary of WorldCat, the 30th anniversary of OCLC Europe and the 25th anniversary of OCLC Asia/Pacific.  (Our Latin America and Canada division’s didn’t fall in this year.)

So the Library Director, the incredible Larry Olszewski (he speaks a dozen languages fluently and is working on increasing that number), and I decide to dedicate the museum on 8/26, to coincide with the anniversary.  I put together a proposal, sent it to one of my managers, it got forwarded to my VP of HR and from there to Jay Jordan, the President and CEO of OCLC.  Jay, as it would happen, had been wanting to do an event to commemorate the anniversary and gave me the go-ahead… with the condition that I create additional programming for our Dublin office and also extend it to our West Coast offices, our telecommuting employees, and our international offices.  Again, ask… and ye shall receive.  With both hands.

So I have now been tasked with coordinating with leadership from several international offices, two additional domestic offices, our telecommuting employees and a fistful of internal departments to launch this event, complete with programming, marketing materials, giveaways, catering, the whole nine yards.  Hey, if this Human Resources gig doesn’t pan out, I can plan your next global office party.  (I come cheap.  For the first couple at least.)

While you may read this and think of me as a glorified party planner with an HR masters degree in hand soon, this has been an amazing experience.  Did I mention that I’m talking to international leadership?  Our VP of Asia/Pacific is a fellow Taiwanese, and when coordinating with him, I mentioned that I’d like to sit down with him and discuss his career path, get some advice from him, and he was very amiable.  That’s not a bad deal.  At all.  Another great thing about this opportunity is that I am able to showcase the business acumen, professionalism and skills that Fisher students and Fisher interns have and are known for.

This event, on the surface level, is to commemorate the various anniversaries of our organization.  But on a hidden level, I’d like to think of it as a shout out to all the Fisher professionals out there working hard and making a name for themselves and doing right by our college.  And it’s kind of like I’m planning a global going away party for me too.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Wes – another great blog post and I love the idea of creating a museum to share how things have changed at OCLC and show off some the artifacts. I think you need to blog about the event and share some pictures with us. Also, great networking while at your internship! Thanks for sharing our experiences with us.

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