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Vital to being successful:know your vision

On my bus rides to and from work, I have been reading the book The 360° Leader, by John Maxwell.  In this book, he discusses why some organizations falter or don’t reach their potential.  One of the topics “THEY DON’T KNOW THE VISION. When it comes to results, there is absolutely no difference between people not knowing an organization’s vision and the organizations not having a vision at all.  The inevitable result is dissatisfaction and discouragement…Growing businesses often hire new employees but have nothing in place to make sure that they know and embrace the vision” (Maxwell pg.66).

Founded in 2007, Equinoxe certainly fits into the category of a new/growing business.  Today, the Malahyde branch of Equinoxe had a mini-on site meeting to discuss the recent progress and how they continue to improve their services and business plan for different types of investors.  The meetings they usually hold must be very effect.  I say that because I have never observed anyone at the office appearing to be “dissatisfied or discouraged”.  I can also back up my observations with some statistics. According to, “The 10 fastest growing hedge fund administrators in 2010 all grew Asset under Administration by 37% or more with Equinoxe Alternative Investment Services, again, leading the way with 256.7% growth in the last six months….The company, headquartered in Bermuda, has more than five times its Q4 2009 reported hedge fund Asset under Administration and quadrupled the number of reported funds.” See for yourself.  I talked to Alan Mckenna, Director of the Equinoxe Ireland Team, he said he fully expects this growth to continue.

Just some food for thought for all of those young companies trying to grow: Make sure everyone knows the vision.

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