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NESTLE: Good Food, Good Life.

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Big Bear Lake, CA

Big Bear Lake, CA

Taste Testing- My title couldn’t be more accurate.  Nestle is 150% providing me with a summer full of “Good Food and Good Life”.  About three weeks after I started working at Nestle this summer I finally went downstairs to the basement to participate in the daily taste testing of our potential new products. Since then, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t taken advantage of this activity-it’s become part of my daily routine. Basically, you go into a testing lab, taste anything from new candy bars to new Coffee Mate flavors, and then get rewarded with free breakfast. Free food for tasting free food? Works for me!

Nestle Interns about to roadtrip to Big Bear Lake, CA!

Nestle Interns about to roadtrip to Big Bear Lake, CA!

Volunteering-Last Friday Eric and I joined the Tech. & Mfg. Department’s Community Service Event at Hope Gardens Family Center. Hope Gardens Family Center is a transitional housing and residential facility in Sylmar, California that provides a safe environment, free of crime and full of hope so that moms and their children can get a fresh start. Nestle’s volunteer’s helped out by painting the inside of their main building. We had a great time, Nestle really showed how passionate we are as a company to serve others, and needless to say, I left with paint all over me.

Projects- It’s amazing to me how everything just works out.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed Day 1 of this internship when I was told I had 4 projects.  Well the number of projects I have is currently at 6 and even though I still have so much work to do, I look at all of my folders and somehow they’re getting done and I’m learning SO much in the process.  Yesterday, I met with the manager of my last project and was so happy with how our first meeting went.  Due to the experience I have gained on my other projects, I was able to ask him good questions that pertained directly to the project.  It feels so good to feel like I’m speaking the right Nestle and business language! :)

Weekends- Every weekend I have spent in California has been incredible to say the least. 

Meggo and I in Malibu

Meggo and I in Malibu

 Two weekends ago- My cousin, Meghan came to visit me and we had an absolute blast.  We explored Santa Barbara (it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been) and Malibu.  We both got some serious sun at each beach and managed to stop on the way home from Malibu at a Berry Stand on the side of the road and spend $21 dollars on the best berries we had ever had and also made a pitstop on the way home from Santa Barbara at the mall.  Life is tough. :)

Last weekend-  Five Nestle Interns (representing Logistics, Finance, and Purchasing) and I went to Big Bear Lake, CA. [Please click on the link to see how beautiful it is there]. We rented a log cabin for the weekend and had a great time…

  • Cooking and eating all of our meals together as a “family”
  • Running together at 7am on Saturday morning (Thanks guys!)
  • Playing cards, eating s’mores, and keeping the fire in our fireplace going
  • Spending the afternoon boating  and fishing
  • The best part about the whole trip was that the boys caught us dinner for Saturday night! (Many doubted they could do it, but they followed through and supplied us with an incredible meal!)

 Weeknight fun- Work hard, play hard.  I’ve heard this term quite a few times-  It’s a perfect life motto and I’ve really seen it come to life this summer.  On the weeknights, I’ve attended several work happy hours and had a great time with the other interns and Nestle employees.  Just yesterday 4 of us played sand volleyball after work and went swimming afterwards, and on nights where we don’t have plans, my friend Kelly and I watch “One Tree Hill” starting from Season 1.

As you can probably tell, I’m having the time of my life, learning so much more than I thought was possible, and I’ve met some absolutely incredible people this summer.  Thank you Nestle :)

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