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Typical Day (with Batman)

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With 9 weeks down and 3 to go, I can’t believe how the summer has flown by!  It feels just like yesterday I was studying for finals and hanging out on the Oval beach.  However the amount of information and knowledge I have attained during my internship is immeasurable.  From excel shortcuts to souring and procurement knowledge, there hasn’t been a day where I can say I haven’t learned anything.

Survey results make this board.

Over my time at Accenture, I have developed a daily rhythm and routine.  My responsibilities became clearer as I learned the daily ins and outs.  Working in the process improvement sector, I have had the ability to work first hand with consultants, the delivery team, clients and suppliers.

 My daily workload can be split into three areas:

  1. Trainings- When someone is hired they go through a training process; including quizzes, software building, and mock projects.  I had the opportunity to complete this training and now I get to train others.
  2. Surveys- After the completion of the project, we send surveys to all the parties involved in the project, suppliers and buyers.   I am responsible for keeping track of completed projects and deploying the surveys.  This task is rather administrative but it is very important, feedback is key! Feedback is collected and reviewed; many times it results in an addition to the process and improving the business.
  3. Delivery Team Support- Lastly, I have been able to assist in making supplier calls and attending buyer meetings.  Whenever a new project is taken on, a list of possible vendors is created and contacted.  The hopes are that through negotiations and bidding, a lower price can be achieved for a particular client and commodity. 

The Batman crew filming complete with fake snow!

While of course there are other projects, the majority of my time has been consumed by these projects.

The Tumbler


However, the most talked about topic in the office is Batman!  Christopher Nolan and the Batman film crew have been all over downtown closing down streets and filming.  With fake snow lining the streets in August, it is sure to cause some commotion.

 Check out more pictures here:

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