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Hi all!!

As a Cardinal Intern, we have what is called “Speaker Series,” which entails attending presentations given by senior leaders of the company. The exposure we get from the series is pretty amazing, considering many full-time employees have never even met these executives. The topics range from the health care industry in general, health care reform, to words of wisdom/advice. This week we had quite a few great speakers, including our CFO, Jeff Henderson. Mr. Henderson discussed his background, Leadership Principles, and even gave us a homework assignment! He asked us to come up with our own leadership principles we believe in and should abide by, and then post these principles in our cubicle to remind ourselves what we should strive for. Thinking of these principles was actually harder than I anticipated…but this is my top five right now:

1.) Stay true to your values/beliefs

2.) Set benchmarks for yourself, achieve them and raise the bar

3.) You cannot please everyone with a decision you make, focus on the right decision

4.) Work with those possessing opposite views, they have valuable insight

5.) Be an enabler and motivator

Aside from the homework, I also had my “Mid-Performance Assessment” this week to be evaluated on my work thus far in my position. I had to first evaluate myself, which was surprisingly difficult, and then my manager was to add her feedback as well. Overall, I received excellent comments from my manager and a ranking of “exceeding expectations,” which was great to hear!! I will have a final assessment around the last week of my internship. Everything else is going great!! I’ll write back with more news next week after I participate in all kinds of distribution center/pharmacy tours I have lined up!

2 Responses to Words of Wisdom

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Looks like you did your homework! I like principle number three – sometimes it is harder to do the right thing and easier to do the popular thing. Thanks for sharing your leadership principles.

  2. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Such great advice to get interns to start thinking about their principles and values to guide them through their careers – and you did a great job coming up with some great ideas!

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