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Everyday I carpool with three other interns to American Greetings headquarters in Brooklyn, Ohio.  Once at my cubicle, I check my emails, see what times my meetings are for that day, and then go and wish my manager a good morning.  We then discuss my plans for the day consisting of meetings and projects, and then I am off to work! 

While working on a project, I try to ask as few questions as possible.  It is very important to try to work through things on your own before going and consulting with your project manager. It is very difficult finding some files in a big business’s data base, so it is okay to send your project manager a quick email or office chat (just like an instant messenger) to ask a quick question regarding where to find a file. I have recently just finished my projects consisting of setting up a show room for potential new retailers, creating a database for licensed products, and creating a list of stores and the type of footage of cards they have. Next week I start a new project building card displays. This means I get to plan out where cards go on the card shelf based on ratings. 

Taylor Swift's parking spot

I usually shadow my manager Meg to at least one meeting a day.  This allows me to get an insight into what my manager does on a daily basis.  One great idea is to ask your manager to give you a list of names of important people from different departments that they work with constantly.  You can then send them an email asking if they have time to meet with you one-on-one to discuss how your department, in my case the merchant team, interacts with other departments such as product management, pricing, and retail management.  My one-on-ones were very informative, and they helped me see how I fit into the bigger picture. 

Other exciting things go on in the office on a regular basis such as raffles, bring your dog to work day, and ice cream sundae day in the lunchroom. 

I cannot believe that my internship is halfway over already! I thought you would like a glimpse of what my average work day is at American Greetings.

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  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Such great advice to seek out others in the organization to meet with – it really helps you understand the bigger picture and that’s a great way to make the most of your internship! Nicely landscaped parking spot :)

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