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My Fisher Internship
Pixie Dust, Princesses and Pirates. Oh my!

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So much has happened since I got down to Disney and I have so much to say in such little time! I’ll try my best to really describe everything in the coming weeks.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with me on Facebook or in real life, I work at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney. The easiest way to describe World of Disney (WOD) is we’re “the largest Disney merchandise retailer in the entire world”! Can’t believe it? We are projected to make about $150 million dollars in WOD alone. Even if you combined the total sales of the largest stores in Disney World, it wouldn’t even come close to that number (I could be wrong, but someone check my facts for me)!

Work Clothes

My work attire :)

Ever worked in retail? Imagine that and Disney-fy it. Some of the roles that I have while working at the world of Disney involve stocking, selling and entertaining. That’s right, entertaining. While we are a large service-based corporation aiming to please shareholders, our other main goal is to entertain our guests, create happiness and give them memories that will last them a lifetime. Talk about some lofty expectations yeah?

Thus we look towards exhibit A: my work attire. Let’s admit it, I look hilarious! But I can’t tell you how many times guests will look at me, start smiling and then just burst out laughing. I catch them laughing and I’ll begin playing the part of Tinkerbell or something of the nature. Some people don’t believe me, but my job is to ensure that they play along with the magic. Because when everyone believes in it, everyone has more fun and becomes happier. As a industry that relies upon guest satisfaction as one if its many¬†matrices¬†for success, my job is crucial in allowing guests to really get into the festive mood and purchase products that are associated to that happy memory.

This moment always makes me cry!

I want to end with a story that pretty much sums up why I wanted to come to Disney. While I was in this amazing costume/get-up. I saw a guest in a wheelchair and came up to her and she stared at me for the longest time (probably because I look so pretty). Anyways, I got down in my knees and began talking with her and she was laughing and giggling. She also had one of our digital cameras and we pretended that I was a rare fairy and that taking a photograph of me would be the most awesome thing on the planet! So we did that for a few minutes and I gave her a high five and hugged her.

Working directly in the front lines really teaches you a lot of things about what you really think about your education and where you want to go with it. I think for myself, as long as I get to impact the children in some positive manner, I’ll be okay with working for a company such as Disney! Until next time, I look forward to telling you a little more about Disney. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comment box!

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