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It is normal for a person to feel embarrassed.  This rosy-cheek feeling can come from forgetting to zip your fly or awkwardly being the center of attention. I want to make it known that it is okay to be embarrassed at the work place, and for me, this happened several times this week.

Embarrassing act 1: Calling someone the wrong name

The week prior, I was in charge of putting cards in order to be put up in a display.  After I was finished with the project, I put the cards on the desk of the lady in charge of this project and went back to my cubicle.  Later, I saw a woman who looked similar to my project manager, and began to explain what I did.  She looked dumbfounded.  About a minute into the conversation, I realized it was the wrong person. Lesson 1: Just because you know where someone’s cubicle is doesn’t mean you know who they are. Learn people’s names and associate them with their faces, not their workspace.

Embarrassing act 2: Getting lost and failing at driving

This week American Greetings planned an intern outing to go bowling at the Corner Alley.  This event started 1:30pm, and all interns had to provide their own transportation.  My friend Allison and I got lunch at Panera Bread, typed the address into my “trusty” GPS, and hit the road.  We allotted 30 minutes for this 20 minute drive to downtown Cleveland. After several wrong turns from my GPS, later-to-be-named Sacagawea, we arrived to Corner Alley at exactly 1:30.

Corner Alley

Finally at Corner Alley

AG provided all the interns with vouchers for free valet parking, one problem: we couldn’t find it.  I ended up making another wrong turn into an alleyway, which in turn was a dead end.  I drive an SUV so it was very difficult to turn around in this very narrow alley.  After 10 minutes and help from a trusty street worker directing me, we got out of the alley and parked in a parking garage.  Our faces were bright red from embarrassment and laughter. Lesson 2: Make sure you know where you are going and don’t rely on a GPS to get you there.  Having a second form of directions is always a good plan.

Embarrassing act 3: bowling

I’ll keep this one short and sweet: Bowling is not my forte. Lesson 3: Practice makes perfect.

Getting embarrassed at the work place is okay because everyone makes mistakes.  Hopefully if you ever get embarrassed at your workplace, just remember that I did several embarrassing acts in one week of work (and these are just the three that I’m sharing =] )

2 Responses to #embarrassing

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Taylor, funny post and thanks for sharing your embarrasing moments with us. Sounds like these funny moments were also some good lessons for surviving in the working world. And bowling is not my thing either.

  2. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and admitting your mistakes – I love how every embarrassing moment taught you something!