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The Finance Fair

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Week two for me turned out to be a real change of pace.  Here at Whirlpool it was finance fair week and I was on the team that won best booth last year and was determined to do it again.

The Best Entertainment Booth

What is finance fair you may ask?  Finance Fair is an annual event like a career fair where every finance function creates a booth that lets other employees learn more about what they do and hopefully attract some new talent.  It is also a great chance for departments to show some pride and get creative.

The booth for my division already had been pretty much completed by the time that I came in- except for one final detail.  Their mascot- I quickly learned that that mascot would be me, since I am in the intern.  Our booth had a matrix theme since this group needs talent that are good at “cracking the code” and figuring things out- meaning that I would have to dress up like Trinity from the Matrix.

That is not what took up the whole week though; my manager and I are working on a project team that has to do with organizational capabilities and better mapping what departments help you develop specific finance skills.  This booth had nothing but a table and a week for us to think of something.

We settled on a circus theme, with lights, corndogs on a stick, popcorn and the throw a dart at the balloon game.  What does the circus have to do with organizational capabilities?  That is where the creative part comes in- we put a tip inside of each balloon letting employees know something that they can work on to improve their skills.

On the day of the fair both of our group’s booths looked great!  I spent a lot of the day handing out cookies and directing people to our booths in my Trinity outfit but also had a chance to visit a lot of the booths and learn about the different opportunities available to an accounting or finance professional in a large corporation.

Our Matrix booth even won a prize- Best Entertainment!

2 Responses to The Finance Fair

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Ok Ruth . . . where’s the photo of you dressed in your mascot costume for the Finance Fair? :)

  2. Ruth says:

    I actually dont have one…but I didn’t really ask around for one either :)

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