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Settling In

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As I set out for my first day of work I could not help but feel very excited and a little nervous.  I was not totally sure what would take place during the day- Who would I meet?  What would I do?  Was I wearing the right clothes?  Should I bring a lunch? And of course, how did I end up in Michigan?

My worries quickly vanished as I met some of the other interns in the front lobby and also some of the recruiters that I had spent time with at Ohio State.  The internship program at Whirlpool is very large- about 90 students- even though we were the smallest starting class there were still about 20 interns to meet and names to remember.

All of us interns spent most of the day turning in our paperwork, getting to know more about the company, being issued our computers and ids and socializing.  In afternoon we were released to our managers and were taken back to our departments.

I am in the Business Performance management group- a small, project oriented and very fun group of people to work with.  I met the team members (that were in the country- this group also travels A LOT), was told that I would have to dress up as Trinity from the matrix the following week at the finance fair, and was given another overview of the company and the project that I would be working onthis summer.

At this point I was on information overload, but also very excited to come back to work the next day and learn more about my summer project.

My summer home


Week one really flew by- I spent a lot of time learning more about the project that I will be working on and getting to know the people in my group, as well as the people in other departments who were roped into this project.

I was also able to spend some time touring around St. Joes and Benton Harbor. After getting lost a few times I am starting to figure out where everything is.  I am also getting to know some of the other interns pretty well.  Whirlpool does a really nice job getting all the interns together for social events.  We even have our own softball team- we had a really pathetic first week (16-1loss) but are determined to improve.

2 Responses to Settling In

  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Ruth – how’s your softball team doing? Any better? You’re in such a pretty part of the state – enjoy it!

  2. Ruth says:

    We did win once, but we never really got much better. We did have fun though, I think that that matters a bit more =).