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My 12-hour Monday

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…An Early Morning

So this week I had to be at Home Office at 6:45am on Monday morning to prepare for our Monday Morning Selling Meeting with our VP, Gillian. In our Monday Morning Selling Meetings we present the selling information for how our newly set items sold over the weekend.   I thought I would not make it through the day, but I did surprisingly well.  My 12-hour Monday was not as bad as I thought it would be.

When I got into the office, the corporate music play-list wasn’t even on yet, so I knew I was here extra early.  I helped put our Back-To-School garments in order of how they sold for each package based on color.  We identified our best selling styles and the best selling colors as well! It was exciting to see some fun pops of color moving up in our color selling! Our presentation went smooth and we had some great call-outs moving forward.

…It Was A Sad Week

The girls on my team with our sad faces because Erek is leaving.

… But this week has by no means been a normal week; I found out that my supervisor, Erek, is being promoted to the merchant level, which unfortunately means that he will be leaving the Betty’s Graphics team to take on  a leadership role in Men’s Polos!   Our team also learned that Beth, the brand lead for our tream, is going to take over all brands for swim! Because Erek is leaving, I found out that MJ, one of the other merchants on the team, will be my new supervisor.  Our team is really sad to lose Erek and Beth, but we know that this is a great opportunity for them, and we still have to push forward because our work and deadlines demand us to. 

…But on a More Normal Day

On a more nomal day, I will come in around 8:15AM and check my daily email from my vendor.  From my vendor’s email I will look for design and graphic priorities for the day and input those into a spreadsheet to be sent out.   After I draft the initial email response I will save it as a draft, so I can revise it before I send it out if anything changes or comes up that I need to notify the vendor about that day.

Throughout the day, we may have meetings with our planner, allocators, or sourcing team.  We also wait for the mail with our strikes and samples so we can look at them and then pass them to be checked by tech design, quality assurance and our designers.  They are checking for thing such as how an embellishment is tacked down, how a bow passes in a wash test or if the art and color execution are correct for a graphic.  During the day we will also work on purchase orders and commitments for different styles.  We present “issues” with our items to our VP Gillian around 5:30pm each day and then review our emails and send them out to the vendor.  I usually am walking out of the building between 6 and 6:30pm. 

…Upcoming Excitement

This weekend A&F is sending my intern class to NYC for a concept shopping trip.  I am so excited… More to come next week about my exciting adventures in New York!


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