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Finally settling in…

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I have been working for the hospital for a few weeks now (it’s so hard to believe how fast this summer is flying by!) and am finally now feeling settled and have found a routine to follow. I have continued working on the marketing strategy for sleep labs (described in my earlier post) and am now focusing more on the actual design of the ads that will be in newspapers in Logan and its’ surrounding cities. I am also working on the radio advertisements and am writing press releases for newspapers in the area. The presentation I have with the director of cardiology is fast approaching, so I have remained really busy planning and prepping for it!

This week is a really busy week for the hospital. In addition to what I am doing for the cardiology department, I have been helping the hospital prepare for their weekend fundraisers that are held yearly in July. These are the biggest fundraisers the hospital has and there is so much to do for all involved to help prepare for it. There will be an auction this Friday to raise money and a golf outing scheduled for Saturday at the Brass Ring Country Club here in Logan. I work 9 PM to close (which I’m told will go long past 1 AM). I will basically just keep track of everything being auctioned off and making sure it is given to the right people after the biddings. I also have to go on Thursday to figure out where all the items being auctioned off are and whether they have the right numbers and descriptions – basically making sure everything is in the right place and ready to go! I’ve never really attended an auction before, so I’m sure that will be interesting to see! On Saturday I work the afternoon shift at the golf tournament. I’m stationed at Hole 14 and will be doing a “double or nothing” raffle with the golfer participants. This tournament is done as a fundraiser and is not taken very seriously, so many of the golfers enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages through the day. One person I talked to who has worked the tournament in the past told me that she was proposed to by one of the golfers! He was a little tipsy…AND married. I’m sure that the event will be nothing short of exciting! Make sure you come back and see how the events scheduled for the weekend turn out!

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  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Abby – sounds like you’re learning a lot about promotions and event planning – all a big part of marketing! Do they teach you how to write a press release? Do you have templates to use?