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My Fisher Internship
“Are you in charge of us?”

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One of the interesting things about being the HR intern this summer at OCLC has been my interaction with the other interns.  The positions in our program range from finance, to legal, to digital collections, to web marketing and more.  And of course, HR.

Being that I’m the HR intern, I’ve had my hands in just about everything.  Including getting feedback from the interns about their managers and the program to arranging internship cohort activities.  I also set up our group lunches and am coordinating a Birkman session for everyone.  (Try it, it’s fun.)

As such, I’m in constant contact with everyone.  So much so that it’s gotten to the point where our legal intern the other day asked, “Are you in charge of us?”  I had to chuckle a little and tell her “No, no.  Just really involved with the program.”  Then I had to get HR on her and remind her that I need her program feedback by end of business.

So all in all, this internship experience has been very interesting for me.  I am working on some fantastic projects.  For instance, I am helping to revamp our talent management and performance management processes and reviews so they focus more on emerging and young talent.  I am also coordinating a summit for all the local veteran employee resource groups, an event at which I will be speaking in front of the diversity officers and executives from organizations such as Nationwide, Chase, Southwest and hopefully some other big names in the area.

But what has been most interesting about it has been my interactions with the other interns as well as my managers.  My managers are impressed because I am a little older than their former interns, and a graduate student as well that has had professional experience.  The interns are a little surprised by me because, well, I am a little older than the rest of them, and a graduate student as well that has had professional experience.  I didn’t do any internships during undergrad, so for me, it has been refreshing to experience an organization as one, as well as see the awe and wonder and anxiety of the other interns as they experience a professional work setting for the first time.

It’s hard to believe that I only have 7 weeks left!  And so much more to do!  More to come later.

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