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A semi is no longer just a semi

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I’m already a third of the way done with my internship in Supply Chain at Dow. First off, that’s hard to fathom, the time flies by! So what have I actually been doing at work? It’s a question I get a lot from family and friends, as well as many co workers at Dow.


Dow Chemical is a Fortune 500 (actually #45) company. Working for Dow I have had the chance to be a part of the “Human Element.” And can speak to their commitment to the customer as well as most importantly to quality and safety, for the customer and for employees. The work is challenging and engaging and the environment is friendly yet everyone will challenge you to so you can grow and figure out the company for yourself. With that comes my first bit of advice – talk with anyone and everyone. We have all been told how beneficial networking is, but you don’t realize the extent of a network until you start writing down who you’ve talked with and who you need to talk with. That’s when you can see how connected and involved you can become.


On a daily basis I am working through 3 projects as part of the Home and Personal Care Department (HPC). Some customers for HPC include Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Loreal, and so on, and these are the customers that I am trying to help Dow better serve through my projects. I have to network with different individuals to find out what we are currently doing and from there I analyze the facts and see where improvements can be made and in one case have about 2 weeks to finish a project because we need a process in place by August. Talk about a challenge!! I have been given my projects and told to run with them – all trust and confidence has been entrusted to me by my supervisor as well as the Supply Chain management team. August 31 when I present my final projects will not be the true test of how I did with my projects, the true test will be in 2 or 3 years when hopefully everything is still running efficiently and in the most cost effective way. What my projects have already shown me is that there is logistics involved in everything. The biggest change I’ve noticed is when driving, I’ll see a semi and I start to wonder if it’s full truckload, LTL, a reefer, and so on – that’s when you know you’re working with transportation issues at work!

Samples of Home and Personal Care Products (in a finished form)

Who said you can't get samples at Dow?! Yes our products are mainly chemicals but with Home & Personal Care comes the perk of sampling the finished products with the latest and greatest chemicals!

How the Intern Program Works

Getting coffee, making copies, and filing things? If that’s what you’re looking to do then Dow is not the right place for you. The Supply Chain internship program Dow puts on (and the other internship programs for that matter) gives you corporate experience and throws you into the mix with the rest of the Dow employees. The nice thing is, tell anyone you’re an intern and they will extend a helping hand to you in any way they possibly can. Dow has a great program for interns involving the following:

  • A Buddy: Dow partners their interns with a buddy…someone who recently graduated from the college the intern is currently going to. So my buddy, Kari Moening, graduated not too long ago but still has adequate knowledge of Dow to help me in any way I need it but is also there just to talk and hang out.
  • Your supervisor: I am a part of the Home & Personal Care department so I report to the Operations Manager within the department. He is there to help me when I need it with my projects and in the end will give me a performance review.
  • Mentors: While the program doesn’t outline mentors for everyone, as you begin on projects you are able to point out who will be mentors for certain aspects of your internship and projects. And for me, a contact in Europe – Gael – was kind enough to say he wanted to be a mentor to me and so far has been a tremendous help. Again, everyone extends a helping hand at Dow. You can’t go wrong here!

If you couldn’t tell, my experience thus far has been spectacular. I can only imagine what the next 8 weeks hold for me!

3 Responses to A semi is no longer just a semi

  1. Nancy Lahmers says:

    Amy, so what is in the brightly colored bags? I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the interesting updates. Nancy

  2. Ian Schmitt says:

    Hey Amy!

    Im almost done and today is my last work day so I thought I would give these blogs a shot. Looks like you are having a great time in Midland. I was up in Grand Haven last weekend for vacation, its really nice over there! You should check it out.

  3. Amy Marrison says:

    Nancy, in those bags are samples of shampoo, hair products, soaps, etc. I am working on a sampling project so a guy within Dow sent me a package to show me what it’s like to get samples (although customers get them in chemical form usually).

    Ian-You should have stopped to say hey! I’ll have to check it out, I have a few more weekends here. I cannot believe you’re already done! I still have so much to do with my projects!!

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