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Life in the Burgh

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After 4 weeks of living in Pittsburgh, it is safe to say I finally have a routine. I take the 71A bus in every morning and enjoy $4 lasagna on Wednesdays from Mama Lucia’s. I love having my own place and a city to be a tourist in. So below are some of my recommendations of places to visit if you are ever in Steel City!

Duquesne Incline and a view of the City

Duquesne Incline and view of the city

1.  Duquesne Incline: Be sure to ride the cable cars up Mt.  Washington.  It is a great view of the city and the rivers!  It is open 5am to 1am so you can see sunrise, sunset, and the beautiful skyline at night!

2.  If shopping is more your thing, the Strip District is a great place.  A combination between a Farmer’s Market and Mom and Pop clothing shops,  there is plenty to see!  My favorite store, Wholeys, was a huge market full of fresh fish, cheese, fruit, and anything you can think of!

3.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are actually doing well for the first time in years, so of course I went to see a game!  Regardless of how the season is going, PNC Park is a great place to view the city and see Pittsburgh Pride.  Games are fun and usually there are fireworks.

Pamela's Pancakes--- they taste as good as they look!

4.  Sometimes you find the best places by just walking around!  While hanging around the Pitt Campus, I found thatPamela’s Diner is the place to get the best pancakes.  The crepe like hotcakes were delicious and I found out later at work, they are the President’s favorite. Apparently he always stops at Pamela’s whenever he is Pittsburgh.  Believe me, they are worth stopping for!

Being from Cincinnati and Ohio, I have always heard despise for the Steelers and Pittsburgh.  However now that I have been working here for awhile, I have come to find the city a great place to live… thus far!

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Big thanks to Domi Manetta for coming to visit me this past weekend. We had tons of fun exploring the city and hanging out!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Go Steelers!

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